Cheated woman kills husband lover inside church

Cheated woman kills husband lover inside church || THE CARETAKER spent the night in the House of the Lord with his 21-year-old side chick.

But their night of passion ended in tragedy in the early hours of yesterday morning.


The caretaker’s side chick is dead, he is nursing his wounds in hospital, and the 35-year-old pregnant wife is in custody. Now the church, which used to be a mkhukhu, is a crime scene.

People who live near the Life Change Ministries in Tshepisong phase 3 in the Vaal, south of Joburg, told Daily Sun what happened on the night before the incident.

It’s said the caretaker’s wife came to sleep at the church mission on Tuesday night.

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But when she arrived the doors were locked and she found a place to sleep at a house opposite the church.

The next morning, when she realised the church had still not been opened, she took matters into her own hands. . .

She forced the door open!

According to a resident, a close friend of the pregnant woman, the wife found her husband in bed with the side chick and a fight to the death broke out.

“The wife used a knife and st_bbed the side chick,” said the resident.

“Her husband, who was trying to stop the fight, was also st_bbed.”

Stunned residents stood outside the church and watched as the lifeless body of the young woman was taken by forensic pathologists yesterday.

The neighbour said the woman phoned her husband, who kept on telling her he’d be there soon.

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“In the early hours of the morning, when the husband again told his wife he’d be there soon, the fuming wife ran out of patience and broke into the church,” she said.

“I heard voices of the couple fighting and the woman begging for her life. Moments later, I saw the half-n_ked man coming out of the church.”

The neighbour said she saw the feet of the side chick sticking out of the door.

“The wife dragged her into the church. It seems she finished her off there,” said the neighbour.

The pastor, who refused to be named, said the man wasn’t a church member.

“We’re saddened by the incident. But the man was just a caretaker,” he said.

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The pastor would neither comment on the man being bust with a side chick on the church premises nor would he say anything about the dramatic stabbings.

Sharpeville cops spokeswoman Constable Busisiwe Sango confirmed that murder and assault cases were opened.

“The suspect st_bbed both the deceased and the boyfriend on their upper bodies with a sharp object,” she said.

“The woman died on the scene and the boyfriend sustained a deep st_b wound and was taken to Sebokeng Hospital. The suspect was arrested.”



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