CHALLENGES GIRLS WITH BIG BREAST FACE || Everyone has some physical traits and attributes they love in humans. Ladies rank high in these attributes that attract men. Some men have been found to be extremely attracted to the arse while others have seeming love for the boobs. Of course, the boobs has great power to attract and keep guys in check but it also comes with its own share of responsibilities.

Ladies that have big boobs face a certain level of problems. This may range from the simple to the serious. Some of the problems ladies with big boobs face are discussed below.

1. Difficulty in exercise
Ladies with big boobs can relate to the fact that exercises can be a traumatic experience for them. Most would require some materials including sport bras and safety pins to help keep their boobs in a comfortable place. The absence of this makes routine exercises such as jogging and certain aerobic exercise difficult. More so, other exercise routines such as jumping jacks could be a nightmarish experience for women with big boobs who might need to hold their boobs while performing the routines.

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2. Difficulty in choosing blouses
It is pretty difficult for ladies with big boobs to put on blouses that are buttoned up all way up in the front. This is evident from the stretchy button and button holes as a result of the boobs stretching the blouse to its limits. Such blouses could accidentally have the buttons bust off and the lady grappling to hide the holes visible through the blouse.

There really is no in-between in clothes for the clothes women with big boobs wear. it’s either women with big boobs choose to wear clothes that are 2 sizes big or you wear one that would make you rock your cleavage but suffer the possibility of looking like a prostitute.

3. Unwanted attention
Obviously, the attention the big boobs women get is second to none but it could also be a problem when the attention such women get is not desired. It becomes problematic for such women when the gaze on the boobs are held longer than normal and thus become stares. That is mostly creepy and uncomfortable for them.

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4. Stupid comments
A major problem for women with big boobs is the terrible comments that most get from some guys and skinny girls that are jealous of her. Some comments can be hurting for these women but overtime, they get to take such snide comments in their stride and see such comments from fellow women as nothing more than jealousy and those from guys as appreciative lust. It is however important that women that have big boobs take it in their stride and enjoy the attention.

5. Cute bras stop at a certain size
I once dated a woman with big boobs and she had so much issues with getting the fancy bras she loved. She was quite upset with wearing undergarments and went to great lengths to get bras that suited her.

6. Cleavage at times is just unavoidable
People should learn not to blame women with big boobs if they show more than a little cleavage. A lot of them don’t enjoy wearing “maternity gowns” and want to look quite sexy too. This may result in them showing a bit of cleavage and they shouldn’t be criticised for doing so.

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Well, these are some of the problems women with big boobs face and it is important that you love your body if you are one. Added with the fact that a lot of men enjoy women with big boobs, such women should enjoy the attention. Even though there are men that dig women with small boobs, there are others who love big boobs as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. All round, men enjoy boobs and despite the problems women face with big boobs, we are just happy that the boobs are there irrespective of the size they are. || CHALLENGES GIRLS WITH BIG BREAST FACE

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