Caroline Marcah Opens Up About Chewing MC Kats’ Tiny Pen*s, She Spills Secrets (VIDEO)

Spark TV Cheza presenter Caroline Marcah has finally come out and cleared air about rumors of her chewing NBS TV Presenter MC Kats’ cassava live on camera. She has revealed the truth of whats between them.

Marcah confirmed that she is deep in love with MC Kats to the extent that it is unusual for the pair to spend a day without checking or send love messages to one another.

While speaking in an interview with Radio 4’s Omulangira Dius, Marcah confirmed bedding MC Kats several times as she cast a happy figure, seemingly having enjoyed the moments.

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To furthermore cement her point that she enjoys the relationship, she noted how it is okay for anyone to do whatever they feel like in a relationship.

Watch the Video Below:


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