Canary Mugume’s Rape Accuser Outed As Complete Fake Attention Seeker

A few days ago, Ugandans woke up to a shock when a lady calling herself Cherry Gisha claimed that NBS journalist Canary Mugume raped her in 2018.


The impostor alleged that Canary raped her in the company of his friends while in his car. She said the reporter mixed drugs in her milk and thereafter raped her. She further said that Canary did that as revenge. Apparently, she had reported him to his mother-in-law that he was a homosexual.

The lady also claimed that she was Canary’s other woman at the time and was so close to his mother. Apparently, Canary’s mother preferred her to his current woman, Sasha Ferguson.

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“I used 2 be his girlfriend 4rm Rwanda thou staying in Uganda 4 ma studies. I was so close 2 his mum who preferred me to his current girlfriend. So everything that his mum always got 2 know @CanaryMugume always suspected me 2 be the one informing his mum. Even when it wasn’t me,”Cherry Gisha explained in a tweet.

Canary Mugume's Rape Accuser Outed As Complete Fake Attention Seeker

However, the issue has taken a downside after another lady on Facebook going by the names Alie Yer from Rwanda came out to claim this so-called Cherry Gisha or whatever is an impostor using her photos.

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Social media users are now accusing Gisha of being an attention seeker. They wonder if she is indeed real, where she has been all this while without seeking legal redress.

Cherry Gisha on the other hand fired back. She said she is ready to take on Canary Mugume in the courts of law. She says that she is well-equipped with evidence.

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“Am not threatening but I will take him to court because I have all the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.”-Cherry Gisha added through her Twitter account.



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