“But You Also Cheated on Keko and Nina Roz, Sit Your A$S Down”- Ugandans Roast Sheebah

Angry Ugandans have roasted singer Sheebah Karungi for poking her nose into marriage issues she doesn’t understand after Andrew Kabuura reportedly cheated on Flavia Tumusiime, they have reminded her of Keko and Nina Roz.

Today morning, social media was awash with reports of sports journalist Andrew Kabuura cheating on his wife Flavia Tumusiime with a one Mercy Twinomujuni, an employee of French Embassy in Kampala.

Following the incident, Sheebah came out to defend Flavia by lashing out at people who are busy disrespecting and blaming the media personality for her husband’s cheating ways.

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“Am very disgusted by the way society is disrespecting a very hard working, respectful , brilliant woman like Flavia Tumusiime yet am sure she’s already going through enough! Instead of blaming the person who strays, the world would rather try to figure out why the cheating happened and then place blame,” the singer posted on her Facebook page on Sunday.

“Often, that blame is placed on the woman, even when it’s wrong. Stop shaming women .I sympathize with you FLAVIA Be strong my friend , they want you to Break down & loose it. Don’t give them that satisfaction, You’ve worked so hard for your crown! You are a phenomenal woman God bless youAs for Women Teething about this… SHAME ON YOU.#StopShamingWomen”.


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Sheebah’s statement did not go well with a number of netizens who told the singer to first get herself a man before involving herself in the affairs of married people.

See social media comments:

Ian Martin-” Tuula wansi. Atleast he cheated with the opposite sex not same gender.If you know you know.”

Mwenyi Julius- “Sheebah get married stop behaving like a ditective in flaviaz marriage.”

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Kalemeera Ronald- “Really of all people Sheebah to talk about cheating in married couples.. Nooooooo…..”

Ronald Apangu- “Why do you even post this? This is disrespect as well. Worst still you even add a photo!”

Shadia Umar Mulunji- “Now sheebah what on earth do you know about marriage  Nkwagala nyooooo naye Bino bikususse Okutegeera dia.”

Wasswa Gerald- “You too you cheated on Keko and Nina Roz so sit your ass down.”



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