Businessman now chopping n@ked dancer Zodwa Wabantu

Businessman now chopping naked dancer Zodwa Wabantu || Zodwa Wabantu reveals older businessman boyfriend, says she is done dating Ben 10s

Dancer Zodwa Wabantu is off the market in style. This time she got herself a businessman.

She took to Instagram to share the good news. Zodwa Wabantu has since deleted the Instagram post. Could it be the new boyfriend who wants to be kept a  secret?

He’s a Businessman I’m just his Weapon Bitch. My Bae”

We managed to download the picture before it was deleted!! But is he the boyfriend or the picture was just a joke?

Only time will tell as we all know Zodwa will reveal him at some point. But we know she is no longer into Ben 10s.

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zodwa new business man boyfriend

The dancer says her current partner is mature than her previous boyfriends.

She is done dating young boys and she hopes to keep her boyfriend forever, so she won’t return to her old habits.

Zodwa told local publication Daily Sun that she met the man last October after he booked her for a music video and they have been in touch ever since.

“We kept in contact, but we didn’t have any special feelings for each other,” Zodwa revealed.

Zodwa made trips to Johannesburg to see her new businessman boyfriend during the lockdown as he booked her on a number of occasions.

Their romance has been moist ever since.

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“I then had a sense that I liked the guy and it turned out he had feelings for me too,” she said.

Zodwa said she was happy to realise the man had his eyes on her too, so she decided to approach him and tell him exactly how she felt and what she wanted to happen between them.

Zodwa went on to tell the guy that she was not returning to her hotel room as she wanted to kiss and have sex with him.

“I told him I was going wherever he was going as I wanted to kiss him and have sex with him.im I didn’t care if it would be a one-night stand, but I felt like I was in love with him,” the vivacious dancer said.

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Zodwa says they have been seeing each ever since and their love has become even stronger but she will not mention his name as she has learnt from her past mistakes.


I won’t reveal his name because all my relationships have been public and people have been talking. With this one, I have learnt from my mistakes, Zodwa Wabantu said.

According to Daily Sun, Zodwa says they have even spoken about marriage, but they will not rush it. She prefers a traditional wedding when the time comes.

 Zodwa Wabantu reveals older businessman boyfriend, says she is done dating Ben 10s

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