Broken Heart Sets In: Cephco And Yvonne Kankaka. NO MORE DATING! After leaked Sextape | VIDEO

Since Full Figure arrested and had Ismael Sefuko aka Cephco sent to Luzira prison, the TikToker has become a man of controversy.

Upon his release from jail, he alleged that Sheikh Umar who plotted his arrest, wanted him to rot in jail and take his bae, Jowie.

He later made claims that Sheikh Umar forcefully touched in Jowie’s source and that she was so depressed.

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Umar through his lawyers threatened to drag Cephco to court over baseless allegations and demanded he apologises or face the music.

Cephco recorded a video shading crocodile tears insisting he wasn’t going to apologise to the man who plotted his arrest.

Days later, he publicly dumped Jowie and revealed that she never cared after he was arrested.

Cephco said despite being in jail, Yvonne kept on pestering Sheikh Umar to throw her a birthday party. He also revealed that his friends told him a lot of stuff Yvonne was involved in when he was in jail.

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He decided to settle with No.2 Yvonne Kankaka and vowed never to go back to Jowie.

Cephco and Yvonne Kankaka
Cephco and Yvonne Kankaka

This morning internet started buzzing with netizens praising Yvonne Kankaka that she did it. Our snoops became curious and hunted the clip but from our observation, it’s not Yvonne and Cephco.


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The clip was over edited to disguise the identity of the actors. But our team of experts insist it’s not Yvonne Kankaka and Cephco.



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