Broken Heart!!! As Man Sets Self On Fire After Getting Ditched By Baby Mama -Photos

Horror As Man Sets Self On Fire After Getting Ditched By ‘Baby Mama’ ||  In a sad development, a 28-year-old Zimbabwean man set himself on ablaze in Eastern Johannesburg,  South Africa. He couldn’t stand the sight of his ‘baby mama’ with other men. It is alleged that he doused himself first with petrol before setting himself on fire. has established that Tinashe Marimo, who hailed from Chitungwiza, allegedly committed the act in a fit of rage. He was hospitalized for a few days with severe third-degree burns. Unfortunately, he eventually succumbed to the injuries.


Sources close to the late Marimo, say that the now deceased once had a romantic relationship with a 38-year-old woman named Lizzie Ndlovu who is ten years his senior. However, after Lizzie broke up with him last year in December, he couldn’t cope with the reality of Lizzie moving on and being in another relationship.

“The two had an on-and-off relationship and seemingly the woman had more power financially. At first, they were so much in love and were inseparable. They actually had a child together but they would fight a lot. Lizzie finally called it quits in December and they were staying in separate places,” said a source close to the two.

The late Marimo was a qualified truck mechanic and a multi-talented musician, his genre was Zimdancehall. The source added that,

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Man Sets Self On Fire After Getting Ditched By Baby Mama
Man Sets Self On Fire After Getting Ditched By Baby Mama

“Tinashe was a ‘hustler’ but things were not going well for him due to this Covid-19 pandemic. He had been trying to reconcile with Lizzie who had since moved on. He didn’t take this lightly possibly resulting in what he did.”

On the night in question, Murimo is alleged to have barged into his baby mama’s house already dripping of petrol and lit himself on fire. Neighbors rushed in with buckets full of water to try and extinguish the fire. He was rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns.

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Man Sets Self On Fire After Being Ditched By'Baby Mama'
Man Sets Self On Fire After Getting Ditched By Baby Mama


Man Sets Himself On Fire After Getting Ditched By ‘Baby Mama

This is the first time the now deceased Murimo has tried to kill himself.  Another source said,

“Apparently this is not the first time Tinashe attempted to take his life. A few years ago he attempted to hang himself”

Murimo’s body was repatriated back to Zimbabwe on Wednesday. His relatives are deeply hurt by what happened, some even fainted, during body viewing. Marimo relatives suspect foul play as they can’t believe Marimo would set himself on fire.

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