Maxin Mawusi Mensah

Broke Girl Stakes Lotto With McBrown’s Baby’s Date Of Birth – Wins BIG – Screenshot


Baby Maxin, Nana Ama Mcbrown’s daughter is undoubtedly her breakthrough!

The amazing thing is that Maxin has become the breakthrough of others too.


A young woman has taken to social media to share a testimony on how her broke friend won a lottery after he staked with the date of birth of baby Maxin.

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According to the lady who goes by the name Hrh Nana Akua Heman on Facebook, her broke friend reached her for a loan but being broke she decided to share the trending story with her which is Maxin’s birthday and asked her friend who already likes betting to stake it.

Her friend did as she instructed, staking 21, 1, 19 and she won.

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Also, McBrown recently noted in an interview with Stacy Amoateng that someone who wanted a fruit of the womb used her baby as a point of contact to pray for it and she has taken a seed.

This and many other amazing stories about baby Maxin’s birth makes her the magical baby, a blessing and a sunshine!

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