Boyfriend Curses Married Woman’s Privates After She Dumped Him

A MARRIED woman is living like hell after her ben 10 she had been dating used juju to curse her privates after she had dumped him.

At first, she thought she had developed an STI and visited a doctor who prescribed some pills.

But the pills didn’t work, so the woman consulted a sangoma who told her the man she was cheating with used muthi on her and her private parts are cursed.

However, the woman was not surprised as her Ben 10 (33) had threatened to make her sex life a living hell.


The 49-year-old from Mofolo, Soweto, said she had an affair with the Ben 10 for two years.

“When we started, I made it clear I was happily married and that he was here for poking. He agreed to this,” she said.

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But in February, the Ben 10 started telling her he had developed feelings for her.

“I quickly dismissed this and reminded him about what I told him when we met. He was hurt but told me he respects me,” she said.

But the Ben 10 continued to tell her about his feelings and this time, he asked her to divorce her husband.

“I told him I would never do that and dumped him. He threatened to make my s_x life a living hell,” she said.

A week later, the woman’s punani felt like it was on fire while she and her husband were poking.

“I went to a doctor who told me I have an STI and gave me some pills,” she said.

But she didn’t feel better and consulted a sangoma.

“He told me the man I had an affair with used muthi to ruin my sex life. He gave me muthi to bath with and said I should be good after two weeks.

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“I did as instructed, but things were still not okay. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore,” she said.

Daily Sun spoke to the Ben 10, who said he was very hurt by how his ex treated him.

He said she had promised to leave her husband.

“Yes, I went to a sangoma and she gave me something for revenge.

“I’m not willing to help her. I’m tired of her taking advantage of my love for her,” he said.

However, Dr Lindsey Edwards said the woman might have a urinary tract infection or something else.

“Vaginal irritation can be caused by a number of things, such as a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and even some STIs,” said Dr Lindsey.

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She’s advised the woman to return to her doctor.

The People’s Paper spoke to sangoma Maweni Khoza, who said she has dealt with this kind of a problem and it’s usually hard to deal with.

She said it becomes hard to get help because most of the time, the patient is told that they have an STI while the treatment isn’t helping.

“Since she’s already gone to a doctor and didn’t get any help, I suggest she goes to a sangoma who’s dealt with this before or you can tell her to come to me,” said Maweni.


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