Boy confesses: I sold dead poultry meat to residents for 5 years

Boy confesses: I sold dead poultry meat to residents for 5 years. Hassan revealed that he sold the dead meat in order to put food on his table after he lost his father. He made the confession after having been caught and summoned to surrender himself by the security forces.

A man known as Hassan has confessed to selling about 6, 000 dead poultry to local residents for 5 years. He said; “I usually go to the nearby plot which is about 500 meters from my place. “That’s where I would to pick the carcasses of poultry that are thrown away from the poultry farm.

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“So every week, I would pick at least ten or even more than that, then process it and take it to sell to unsuspecting customers within our community. “My market base has been low due to covid, I would usually sell to motorists.

“I would sell the meat at a low price which surprises most of my customers, usually I would sell a dead chicken for $2.50. “I have been selling dead poultry for 5 years now,” he confessed.

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