Body Goals! Boity Thulo heats up Instagram with hot spicy bikini Photos

Boity Thulo isn’t one to shy away from going sultry on social media and the actress just reiterated that fact by recently sharing some bikini snaps.

Listen, Boity Thulo is hot. If we cannot agree on that, then we don’t know what else we could agree on. And Mzansi knows it, which is why the internet has a meltdown every time she posts a thirst trap – which is often because let’s face it – every picture Boity takes is a thirst trap. She’s just got it like that.


Boity Thulo bikini pictures
Boity Thulo bikini photoshoot

But if we have to narrow down and create different categories of thirst traps, we would specify backside and bikini pictures. And here are five times that her behi and bikini pictures broke the internet.

Sun’s Out, Buns Out

This one had to top the list for multiple reasons. Not only is it the most recent time she caused a stir online, but this time she put all the buns out. Posed facing downward and everything. You know, just in case the point of the photo – rather, what was supposed to be the prime focus – was lost on fans.


She was on baecation with her current boo, actor Anton Jeftha. The two have been loved up of late, and they are seriously the cutest couple we have seen in a while. Anton has even been home to meet her family, with whom the two of them spent the Christmas holiday.

Baby Blue And BT Signature Too.

As we know, Boity Thulo has mastered the art of bikini photos. So it is no wonder that she has figured out how to use them as a marketing tactic, which is exactly what she did in this series of photos.

She took advantage of how much attention she would get in this baby blue ensemble, and figured, why not sell her alcohol brand while at it?


In these photos, she was on staycation at the Mosaic Lagoon Lodge Lagoon in the Western Cape province. Not that she needs any reason to take a staycation, but she had a long difficult year in 2021 after her assault drama with Bujy Bikwa. It was great to see that she had healed nicely after all of that.

Top Of The Barrel Photography – Get It?

You get a two for one deal with this one because Boity Thulo has an interesting love for posing on top of barrels dressed in a swimsuit. We may need to dig deeper to find out where this love came from, because it is a rather particular trend for her.



But we don’t fault her for it. If anyone can pull off sitting on top of a barrel, it is certainly her. She also picks those that compliment her outfit, and the photography is top notch too.

Not to mention that she looks breathtakingly graceful doing it. Are those usually empty or full? Because we would probably have fallen off at least three times before each photo.


In Stellenbosch With A Stellar Bod

The Own Your Throne star, after falling off the fit lifestyle during the initial Covid-19 lockdown (by her own admission), got back in shape and shut it all down by debuting her body with bikini photos. It’s not even about black being flattering, because she did this on her own.


This was while she was staying at the Lanzerac Wine Estate In Stellenbosch, Western Cape. She shared pictures regularly, not only serving some serious body goals, but also giving us major FOMO.

And we have to give some credit to her captions. She knows just how to capture what we are all thinking when we look at her thirst traps, with the well-timed peach emoji.


Boity Thulo has clearly become the queen of boudoir photography, and we are grateful that we get to witness the greatness of her body goals and buns.

She should teach classes or something; remember that time Natasha was advised to post booty pictures like Boity if she wanted her problems to go away? This skill could save lives!



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