Blogger Ritah Kaggwa’s Husband Cheats On Her, Leaked Phone Call of Her Crying

Famous UK based Ugandan Blogger Ritah Kaggwa has been exposed in the recently leaked phone call recording of her crying and asking what to do after her Husband reportedly cheating on her, this audio has left many ranting.

According to the audio recording shared by her nemesis Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black, Ritah is heard talking on phone with someone trying to explain her situation.

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In this conversation, Ritah is heard lamenting how her husband is sleeping with another girl without having any protection revealing how much she is worried for her health.

Ritah has been legally married to her Nigerian husband for 3 years now with 1 year in courtship making it 4 years.

The wedding ceremony took place on 18th June 2018 in London, UK where the two exchanged vows in what is considered to be an expensive event that got Ugandans back home into mummers.

Listen to the recording below:

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