Blogger Eugene Osafo & Actress Victoria Lebene marriage shaking like Konkonte on Abobo Yaa? Fans are asking – Screenshot

Is There Storm In Paradise? -Victoria Lebene Shock Fans With Her Cryptic Message :

Ghanaian actress Victoria Lebene has got many confused on social media with her cryptic message.

The actress posted on her Instagram page claiming she will surrender her whole self to someone if the person stop being selfish.

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Her message though simple has got many confused hence reading all sort of meanings into it. The question is who is the message directed to?

Some social media users are wondering if everything is alright in her marriage with popular blogger Eugene Osafo Nkansah.

It’s so difficult to say they are having problems because you hardly hear anything about them so then who is Victoria going to surrender herself to if the person stop being selfish?

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She posted a very nice photo of herself on Instagram with the caption “Il’d be all yours, if you stop being selfish!?? Moments with myself?”

screenshots below;


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