Biological Twins Fall in Love and Marry Each other, their Love Story Shocks Many -Video

Biological Twins Fall in Love and Marry Each other || Twins born together as brother and sister fell in love and ended up marrying each other, gave birth at the age of 17 as their romance story has come out and shocked many as they confess through a video confession.

Recently a clip of two Kenyan twins who fell in love with each other has been circulating online. One of the twins, @duhh.itzz.lexy has decided to share their story which she narrated through a tiktok video.

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The two had a strong bond since childhood and as they grew up, they engaged in a romantic relationship.
Upon discovery of their actions, their parents disowned them since it was a taboo for blood relatives to be intimate. However, this did not stop them and they went ahead and got married in a wedding which no one attended.

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The twins were later blessed with a baby girl and their relationship still appears strong and their love for each other is still evident.


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Watch the Video below:

Biological Twins Fall in Love and Marry Each other

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