Bill Gates 11 Rules You Will Never Learn In School

Bill Gates 11 Rules You Will Never Learn In School : The founder of Microsoft Windows company, Bill Gates gives us a glimpse of how life is a different school from the formal school we pass through before we mature.

The 11 rules speaks well to the young minds who have just come of of the university or any higher learning institution ready to take life on his or her own shoulders.

It also speaks to someone who is breaking away from his or her parents or guardians.

Bill Gates 11 Rules You Will Never Learn In School

  1. Life is not fair, get used to it- Stop expecting life to hand you the things you wish and desire, sometimes you won’t just get it.
  2. The world doesn’t care about yourself esteem, start making something for yourself and move on
  3. You will not make a six figure dollar salary after school, you will have to work, toil until you get it.
  4. If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you meet your boss, that’s when you realize you teacher was more of your parent.
  5. Swallow your pride and take that job you feel is beneath your dignity, It could be your stepping stone job.
  6. If you mess up this round, it will be your own responsibility, not your friends or your parents
  7. You parents will know something you don’t know
  8. The results of your school, what you got in your exams doesn’t define the means and the ends of your life, it is hands on skills
  9. Life is not divided into semester and terms, it just starts and goes on and on. Get up and do something of sound mind
  10. What you see on TV is not always applicable in real life, in real life people go to jobs and work for money

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