Big Man But You Talk Like A Fool – Fearless Shatta Wale Rains Vawulence on Undefeated Sam George

The battle lines have been drawn and Ghanaians are about to witness a fierce banter between fearless Shatta Wale and undefeated Sam ‘Dzata’ George.

In the attacking Corner is peppermouth Ghanaian dancehall musician Shatta Wale.

He holds the record of going extreme on his opponents and raining unprintable insults on them.

In the defending corner is undefeated social media kingkong and member of Parliament Sam ‘Dzata’ George.

As at the time this battle began, no one had been able to stand a single blow from him.

He holds the most record for defeating his opponents in a knockout.

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Today started very peaceful until someone tagged Sam George with a video of Shatta Wale deep kissing his bodyguard on the lips.

Only God knows why the netizen tagged Sam George out of the hundreds of celebrities and MPs in Ghana but he replied as usual with his sarcastic yet hurtful statements.

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After watching the video, Sam George concluded that Shatta Wale was high on the wrong herbs and would probably come out to explain his nonsense when he regains conciousness which he did.



Shatta explained that he kisses his team members on the lips as the bible instructs in Romans 16:16.

He also gave a tall list of men he has locked lips with to batress his point.

It did not end there, Shatta Wale came barking at Sam George for commenting on his video.

He called Sam George a fool and said although he behave like a big man, he has brains the size of a peanut.


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