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Bethany Lartigue death: How Bethany Lartigue died in Carl Crawford’s pool

Bethany Lartigue death in Carl Crawford’s pool,


Bethany Lartigue death: 25-year-old Bethany Lartigue and a 5-year-old boy reportedly under her care died 16th May 2020 after they drowned in a pool at the home of Carl Crawford, the former Los Angeles Dodgers player.

At the time the tragic incident occurred, Carl Crawford was hosting a small gathering of six people at his home in Houston, reports TMZ.

How Bethany Lartigue death in Carl Crawford’s pool happened

According to The-SunUS, the little boy had wandered off and fell into the swimming pool at the back of Crawford’s house.

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On seeing him drowning and having difficulty breathing, Lartigue in an attempt to rescue the boy, jumped into the pool.

Sadly they both drowned to death.

Reports say Crawford and paramedics tried to revive the victims without success.

A devastated rapper Erica Banks shared a touching tribute on Instagram, along with videos of herself and Lartigue partying with the sportsman and friends on Friday night, that read:

i can’t believe this man ? you promised you’d never leave my side, we said we’d die together. you made me love myself more, you always told me i was your favorite person, & you made my life 10x more fun, even if it was just goin down the street for food. ppl always say they loved our chemistry man. you were the only person i wanted. we were so happy. thank you so much for coming into my life and making me your special girl. forever my love ? #7 ??? @geaux_yella

Bethany Lartigue and the baby boy were both declared dead at the hospital where they were taken to, Houston Police stated.

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Bethany Lartigue death in Carl Crawford’s pool
Bethany Lartigue death in Carl Crawford’s pool

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