Best Free Online Courses From The Most Prestigious Universities In The World

Best Free Online Courses From The Most Prestigious Universities In The World ||  There are many people who are taking advantage of the excess of free time that the quarantine poses to enrich themselves with knowledge that at other moments of their lives they left aside for reasons of time or the impossibility of making them compatible with work.

One of the best options to take advantage of these days of pause in which we have to stay home to stop the coronavirus pandemic is to continue our training wherever we left it.

In this way, once we return to the “new normal” that we are already talking about, we will leave the world of work much more prepared with a few more paragraphs or indexes on our curriculum.

Best Free Online Courses From The Most Prestigious Universities In The World

Columbia University

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Specializing in careers such as Journalism, Engineering, Dental Medicine, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Columbia University was founded in 1754 and is located in New York. Studying a bachelor’s degree at your institution has an economic cost of approximately $ 75,000 a year (about 69,000 euros). Here you can see all.

Princeton university

This institution is recognized for its careers in Social Sciences, Engineering, Public Administration, Biological and Biomedical Sciences . Also founded in 1746, it is located in Princeton, New Jersey. A bachelor’s degree costs about 50,000 million dollars a year (about 46,000 million euros). These are his offered courses

Brown University

It is a public university located in Rhode Island. It is among the eight best in the country for its academic excellence in subjects such as Economics, Language and Literature . Here are some of the courses they offer

University of Pennsylvania

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It is one of the best private universities in the country. It is located in Philadelphia and is better known by the UPenn nickname. Studying there costs more than $ 10,000 a year and specializes in academic programs related to Applied Sciences, Medicine, Education, Law, Engineering, Design, Architecture, Film and Literature. These are some of the courses offered

Yale University

Founded in 1701, it is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Studying at this academic institution has an approximate cost of $ 70,000 (approximately 64,400 euros). It is specialized in Social Sciences, History, Engineering and Cultural Studies. These are some of the courses offered

Cornell University

Its main headquarters are in Ithaca, New York. It is one of the first universities to admit African American students and stands out for its degrees in Agriculture, Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Law, Engineering, Medicine and Business . Here are some of the courses it offers

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Imperial College London

One of the most prestigious in London, with permission from Oxford and Cambridge. Her specialization resides in careers in the field of Social Sciences and Medicine. Of all British universities, it seems to be the one with the most courses:

Oxford University

What is perhaps the UK’s most prestigious academic institution with Cambridge permission does not have a very diverse offer. According to the online course page ‘ Edx ‘, it only has one, related to the study of economic development:

|| Best Free Online Courses From The Most Prestigious Universities In The World ||



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