Best Free MP3 Player Apps For iPhone

Best Free MP3 Player Apps For iPhone ||  We all love and include music in our life in some form or the other. It can be your escape when you need to clear your mind or help you get through your exercise; music is an essential part of our lives.


It can help you uplift your mood or make your work hours a little bit more bearable and since we have our phones with us 24×7 that’s our preferred way of listening to our favorite tunes. Now if you are an iPhone user you might feel the default music app is a bit limited and is not as exciting as you want your listening experience to be.


We need a bit of personalized touch and even offline listening sometimes to make sure music can be our savior whenever we want. So here is a list of best music player apps on iPhone that will elevate your music experience along with your mood.

Best Free MP3 Player Apps For iPhone Table of Contents

1.Vox Music Player

Best Free MP3 Player Apps For iPhone

Image Source- Vox Music Player

It has one of the most impressive interfaces of all times where you can play your music even when you are offline. This app is available for your iPhone, iPad, and other IOS devices and it relies on swipe-based gestures for operating. You can easily play/pause your music by tapping anywhere on the player screen and change the track by swiping left or right. It also has an inbuilt equalizer with a score of presets and a graphically interactive interface to match with your music taste. It has the option for gapless playback and you can even link your SoundCloud, Spotify, and LastFM accounts along with listening to locally saved songs.

2. Neptunes

Best Free MP3 Player Apps For iPhone

Image Source- Behance


This one is quite popular and has a high number of positive reviews. The interface can be customized according to your will with more than 25 settings to set your preferred way of listening experience. The commands in the app are based on swipes, drags, touch, and even shake making it highly interactive. There are a smooth transition between your music, podcasts, and audiobooks depending on your requirement. You can even share your music with your friends and family via message, emails, Facebook, or Twitter and it is available for your iPhone and iPads.

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3. Flexbox


Image Source- Made with React Native

One of the most versatile music player app on iPhone as it lets you play downloaded music files directly without synching with the music library of your iPhone. It is compatible with your iPhone, iPod, and iPad and supports a variety of audio formats including FLAC, MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, and many others. You can very easily browse through your music that is stored on Google drive, dropbox, mega, one drive. It has advanced features like inbuilt equalizer and bookmarking your favorite part of a particular track. It is a good option if you just transitioned from an android user to an iPhone user.

4. Boom: Music player & equalizer


Image Source- Techwibe

Boom is one of the best music players on the iPhone that is super customizable with loads of amazing themes. You can create multiple libraries for your music and can control the audio by using its audio intensity control features. The app is available for free and offers in-app purchases if you want any additional features. It supports a lot of different languages including Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and many more. It has a unique feature of family support where you can set up to six family members for one account and lets you play music from your local library, TIDAL, Spotify, and cloud.


5. JetAudio


Image Source- App Store

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This app is developed by a South Korean company who also manufactures portable media players and provides a variety of options tweak playback. You can access the playback options within the main screen just by tapping on the different icons and you can even toggle lyrics by a single tap. Its operation is based mostly on taps as you double-tap for play/pause and triple tap to cycle between shuffle. It has features like a sound enhancer to play with different basses, depth, and pitch of the music. It is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and supports an impressive amount of languages including Thai, Swedish, Polish, Japanese, Croatian, and Czech, etc.

6. Sound share


Image Source- Systweak Blog

It is quite unique in its features and a fun music player app on iPhone which lets you connect different music services in one social network. You can create new playlists and collaborate with your friends to share your music taste. It’s like social media dedicated to music by letting you like, comment, and mention a friend on a song and have conversations about music. You can even watch music videos on your iPhone and TV by airplay and the app is available for free to download. Its new feature of ‘party mode’ is getting a lot of attention as it lets your friends play songs from your phone like it’s a hangout party where people are sharing their favorite music with each other.

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7. Marvis music player

Image Source- The Nerdy Student

The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and is highly appreciated for its beautiful design and interface. You can choose from dark and light themes and it supports playback history as well as advanced music information. You can easily play, edit, or add a song that you like to your favorites list without any hassle. You can rate music on it and a single tap on the menu in the bottom left will let you see more details about the song or go to the artist/album. You can even select multiple songs and drop them at the bottom bar that will appear. This way you can easily shuffle the selected songs, organize them at the top or bottom of the list or simply play them. It has a unique feature of ‘beats per minute’ which is one of the multiple ways of sorting music.

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These are some of the best mp3 player apps that are available for the iPhone and are free to use. you can make your choice according to your requirements or give any of them a chance and decide after giving it a shot. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below





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