Bernard Nyarko’s wife took away his kids from him, Mother disowned him & begged for money at Kejetia – Life Story

I nearly committed suicide – Actor Bernard Nyarko tells sad life story on Radio

Popular actor Bernard Nyarko has revealed that he considered committing suicide after his biological mother disowned him.


The Kumawood actor said he contemplated ending his life at the moment his wife took everything including the children away from him.
According to him, his life became miserable because he didn’t have anyone to support him.

“I’ve once begged for money at Kejetia. It came to a point when a cousin I allowed to stay with me in my mothers house brought misunderstanding between my mother and I.

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My mother and I became enemies because she sacked me from the house.

“I had to stay with friends and had nothing to feed on too. I had nowhere to stay with my children. Life was indeed difficult for me and my kids as I was forced to eat gari soakings with them. My kids were miserable.
“At a point, I decided to take my own life with a gun because things were growing from bad to worse so I wrote a letter to thank everyone and then I end it all.

After loading the bullets in the gun, I heard one of Kojo Antwi’s popular inspirational songs playing on Ash FM and upon second thought after carefully listening to the words in the song, I gave up on my suicide decision.

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I immediately threw the bullets away and said to myself that I won’t kill myself but inspired myself that life has ups and downs and the fact that I’m down doesn’t mean I’ll remain there and that is how far God has brought me into the limelight.

“I always prayed that one day God will turn my pain into praise and that is how far He is has brought me today… I’ve washed utensils and scrubbed washrooms for almost a year in London.

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At the time when life was unbearable for me and the kids, that was when my wife left me. She eventually went away with my kids and that was the time I decided to take my life.”

Bishop Bernard Nyarko told Hiplife radio.Nyarko said his rapid growth in the movie industry was unusual because he never thought he would climb higher so fast.

Bishop Nyarko is now Late and we wish him well wherever he is.


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