Before you choose a spouse, do you know yourself?

Most people define their ideal prospective spouses without defining themselves first, a thing I find fundamentally wrong.

You can’t know the best partner for you before knowing yourself. Sometimes, not all that we wish for is the best for us — wishes are always inspired by what our hearts desire not the minds.

Before getting an ideal spouse, both the mind and heart must be appealed to by the prospective spouse and both the heart and mind should approve. But before the mind approves, you must first make a honest assessment about yourself.

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Know who you are: what you can tolerate, what you can’t tolerate, your flaws (innate and artificial), and know how far you can compromise for your loved one.

After, you can then figure out which kind of spouse fits you.

The suitable spouse may not necessarily be the one your heart loves most. You should always strike a balance between your heart desires and the mind’s when seeking for an ideal spouse.

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The passionate love we have for our lovers keeps fading as time progresses — therefore, marriage becomes a game of the mind after a few years.

It gets necessary for the two of you then, to develop an art of managing each other. At that time, it’s when you learn whether your mind had approved your spouse or not.

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Folks, a single life is by far better than a tragic marriage — and, it’s also okay not to marry if you can’t find a person who sings a song only you can hear. Your ideal spouse should be, by and large, cut out for you.



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