BBS TV Presenter Diana Nabatanzi Emotionally Breaks Down After Failing To Win Back Her Man’s love, Vows To Leave issues Of Love To Those Who Can Handle Them

Diana Nabatanzi ||  Just like legendary Raggamafin singer Andrew Kayemba popularly known as Sizzaman correctly put it in one of his songs Love is always nice and sweet  in the beginning but as time goes on it gets  becomes sour and boring ”


In the same way renown BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi is cursing the day she woke up and fell in love with a yet to be identified son of man

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It is said that the bummy TV presenter had a bright start to the year after falling in love with a young loaded City tycoon

Diana would later paint her Instagram with pictures of herself on expensive vacations proudly sponsored by her generous young man

First forward snoops now reveal that after the steam Diana’s relaltionshp burnt out, her Mr right quickly turned attentions to other beautiful babes

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On realizing that her man was now seeing other hot chics  in town, Diana deployed all the tricks learnt Ssengas to win back her man’s love but all was in vein

 Diana Nabatanzi

And now after registering little success in winning back her man’s love, Diana has taken to Instagram to announce how she has let go of everything to do with convincing some one to love her

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 Diana Nabatanzi

”You always thought there was something romantic about fighting for someone, about winning them back. But as you sit there with stones in your chest. Where hope used to lie, u realize that there is nothing lovely about having to continuously convince someone to love you. #love yourself more & cherish those who are always there for you” Diana Nabatanzi posted on Instagram

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