Bad Black Trolls Bebe Cool’s dick Once Again, Calls It Anther Toothpick

Socialite Shanita Namuyibwa commonly known as Bad Black has once again taken to Instagram on Saturday and trolled singer Big Size Bebe Cool’s small tooth pick.

It should be remembered that the Masolo Queen years back came out and confessed how Bebe Cool has a tiny tooth pick swinging inside his trousers.

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Now while wishing him a belated birthday, Mama Jonah has capitalised on one of Bebe Cool’s swimming outfit that he recently donned during his ongoing birthday celebrations to troll the “Wakayima” singer.

In a mocking caption, Bad Black has reveales how she wouldn’t expose the singer’s tiny tooth pick years back to the world had he not proved her.

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“Kale if you didn’t provoke me singa abantu abaliba….naye kansirike Happy berated birthday silent majority…,” said Bad Black.

The question still is, did she actually see it?


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