Bad Black Reveals How Alicia Boss Chic Got MC Kats Fired As Cold War And Drama Between Two Socialite Intensifies

Confessed city thigh vendor Bad Black seems to be picking up a quarrel with almost every female socialite in Uganda.

Police summons Bad Black

Shortly after picking up a war of words with Ritah Kaggwa, a blogger, Bad Black has gone to war with city socialite Alicia Bosschic.

Alicia was appearing on NBS TV and attacked Bad Black, castigating her for her recent actions. However, Bad Black responded with fire, saying Alicia is no saint either, calling her a woman of bad luck.

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Bad Black claimed that Alicia’s bad luck got MC Kats cited from Fame Lounge when he started working with her.

She also said its due to her bad luck that Fame Lounge is almost collapsing since the day they employed her.

You're the reason why MC Kats was fired from Fame Lounge"- Bad ...

“Dis time i have decided not to reply
Coz without me no attention
For the first time am gona respect myself i can’t exchange words with a lier
It’s ok one advice chase reality weak up n ur dreams am unique der will be no another badblack n Uganda  so enjoy ur life sikumanyi
Your civilian Nze ndi public figure. let me respect my anus ladies inbox for white men connections don’t be like this Malaya she has nothing talking nonsense and also my beauty products”, Bad Black attacked.

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