Bad Black Exposes Top NTV Boss Chewing Girls Near Her Apartment (SCREENSHOTS)

Bad Black Exposes Top NTV Boss Chewing Girls || Tired and frustrated Queen of Sumbie vendors Bad Black real name, Shanitah Namuyimbwa has come to exposed a top NTV Uganda boss for chewing girls nonstop near her home.

Apart from criminal trespass, the socialite claims she is tired of this disrespectful NTV employee who has now turned her wall fence into a bonking place given the endless used c@ndoms that are always littered and dumped at her residence.

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Though she has not revealed the exact identity of the suspect, Queen Masolo claims the bad-mannered fellow giving her sleepless nights always travels in a black coloured harrier Kawundo and she has now vowed to fine NTV Uganda and its employee accordingly.

“NTV uganda DA employ u gave car model Harrie kawundo always fuck women on near mY home and throw DA condoms kindly am going to fine the company its n black color nkooye and our area is dangerous full of mad people they will destroy your car,“- said Bad Black through her Snap Chat account.

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Bad Black Exposes Top NTV Boss Chewing Girls
Bad Black Exposes Top NTV Boss Chewing Girls

We are doing whatever we can to ascertain the real identity of the NTV UG employee messing up Bad Black’s residence.

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