Apuu Obolo!!! Shemima wasn’t my spec – Ali Of Date Rush says after he probably finished ‘eating’ her up

Reality TV star Mohammed Ali, fondly remembered for his participation on TV3’s Date Rush Season 5 has disclosed that his date on the show Shemima was not the type of lady he wanted.

He made the shocking comment during an interview on Kwantepon Drive on Akoma FM in Kumasi when he was asked if he was still dating Shemima.

Considering the fact that we all know it was Shemima who did Ali a favour by choosing him as wasn’t wanted by any of the ladies on the Date Rush show, his comment has startled a cross-section of the internet populace.

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“When she selected me, I was like wow, I thought she was playing. I was really surprised when Shemima chose me. I stood there for a while before taking to the floor to dance with her. I wasn’t expecting it because she was not my spec but because she opted for me, I had to settle for her,” he said.

He then added;

“I recently saw a social media trend from her saying she has broken up with me and that I have not been fair to her. There is nothing serious going on between myself and her at the moment because I’m suspecting she is cheating on me” Ali added.

Shemima on the other hand recently stated that any man willing to date her and possibly walk her down the aisle should be able to possess his own car.

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The plus-sized participant of Date Rush Season 5 edition made this declaration when DJ Nyaami caught up with her for an exclusive session recently.

Shemima indicated that she is single and searching for a middle-aged man who can cater to her needs. According to her, she does not have any preference but the man must be above 40 and has a car.

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“It’s not a big deal should someone gift me a car. Transport is everything now and so I can’t date a man without a car. I like old and mature men from 40 to 90 years,” she told host DJ Nyaami and curated for SVTV Africa.


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