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Nation Kyei Long-Freeman writes, Angel Bishop Obinim’s Temple will burn

Angel Bishop Obinim's Temple will burn -Nation Kyei Long-Freeman

Nation Kyei Long-Freeman writes on his facebook wall:
There is fire in the skies,
Huge flames in the heavens.
A building is burning in the dark,
A mansion in gloom is engulfed in fire.
“Obinim’s temple will burn like atomic bomb;
Obinim’s church will catch huge and fierce fire.”
Declares the zeal of God,
Commands the Lord Jesus Christ.
I saw a vision in the morning,
A sight which God revealed to me:
The messenger who gave the message filled me,
The Spirit of God who delivered the message was in me
So that his thoughts became my thoughts;
His mind became my mind;
His actions became my actions;
His movements became my movements.
Therefore, in the vision,
In the sight I saw,
I spoke and acted as the Spirit spoke and acted;
I did everything as the Spirit of God did.
Therefore, I, meaning the Spirit of God,
I, meaning, the messenger whom God sent,
Advised Obinim to not return evil for evil;
I counselled Obinim not to pay evil for evil.
And I made reference to 1 Peter 2 : 21 – 23;
I referred him to the Holy Scripture at 1 Peter 2 : 21 – 23
Where it is written concerning the Lord Jesus Christ;
Where an example of the Lord’s Jesus Christ is recorded
Regarding being innocent and not returning evil for evil,
Concerning imitating the deeds of the Lord Jesus Christ.
However, Obinim justified himself;
He made excuse for himself
That when the spirit enters him,
When the spirit comes upon him,
He is not in control of his anger
And he is no more in charge his fury.
I came to a park and there were papers before me;
On the park, in front of me, there were papers.
And among the papers were Ghana Cedi notes;
There were money notes with the papers
And one of them was a lottery paper;
One of the papers was a lottery ticket
And they were mine;
The papers belonged to me
And I was picking up the money;
I was collecting the money from the park.
Obinim came and started picking up the papers;
He too started collecting the papers.
If he took a paper, he would examine it and give it to me;
He would take close look at it and give it to me.
Then he stood up and left;
He went away from me.
I taught a child forgiveness teaching the child Proverbs 20 : 22;
I assisted a child to learn what is in Proverbs 20 : 22.
However, Obinim gave GHS10 note to a child;
He gave ten Ghana Cedi note to the child
And sent the child to buy something;
He sent the child to go purchase something.
I wondered whether that GHS10 note was mine,
Whether the money Obinim gave the child belonged to me.
Then, I became enranged and went to Obinim’s temple;
I became embittered and went to Obinim’s church
And I spat more than once there towards Obinim;
I let spit go from my mouth in Obinim’s church towards Obinim.
The spit was aimed at Obinim;
The saliva was directed at Obinim
And Obinim also spat towards me;
He let spit from his mouth come out towards me
Having intended to spit on me,
Having tried to splash me with spit.
Then I said in my zeal;
I spoke with God’s authority and with passion:
“Obinim’s temple will burn tonight!
Obinim’s temple will burn tonight!”
And I kept repeating this word;
I kept saying it again and again in my zeal.
I said Obinim’s temple will burn like atomic bomb,
That Obinim’s church will catch a huge and fierce fire.
I went to the street where cars pass,
To the road where vehicles run
And beside the road, I saw a messenger;
A messenger was standing beside the road.
He appeared there and looked like a billboard;
He was standing and appeared like a giant signboard.
He was disguised to look like a billboard,
Disguised so that he looked like a huge signboard
But I saw and understood that he was a messenger;
I knew he was someone sent to carry out a mission.
He was like a billboard that was old,
Like a huge signboard that had been there for a long time,
One that had been standing still day and night,
One that had been standing immovable each day
So that his appearance was like a billboard faded by the rain and sunlight,
Like a huge signboard made old by the rain and the sunlight.
Then I spoke the command to him;
I gave him the order
That at long last, it was time,
That the time had come
For him to carry out the mission,
To execute what had been assigned to him
For he had been there the whole time waiting for the command;
He had been waiting all this while till he would receive the order.
And now I gave him the command he had been waiting for;
I gave him the authority he had been waiting to receive;
I recognized him as God’s messenger,
And I addressed him as God’s servant
And I gave him the message and he understood the command;
I gave him the notice and he understood the order
That Obinim’s temple will burn tonight,
That fierce fire will raze down Obinim’s church.
And he was standing there with his hands behind him;
He was on his feet like a humble soldier.
He heard and understood me and he was quiet;
He got the message I gave him and he was silent
And I knew he would carry out the command;
That he was thrilled to receive the order at long last.
Awake, O messenger, in your zeal;
Rouse yourself you servant of God
For you have been loud and yet silent all this while,
Loud and yet quiet for such a long time.
You have become a billboard by the road,
A giant signboard by the main street.
Day and night, you stood there;
Each day, you remained on your feet.
And now your appearance look old;
Your outlook appears old and worn out
Because the rain and the sun have faded your appearance;
The rainfall and sunlight have worn you out.
Now, here is the command you are waiting for,
The order you have been waiting to receive:
“Kindle the fire, you servant of God;
Stoke the fire you messenger of fire.
Burn the places wherever you are to burn;
Spread the fire wherever you are to spread it.”
The Lord Jesus Christ commands you;
The King and the Savior orders you.
Awake, O you servant of God;
Arise, O you messenger of fire.
Burn the places and raze them down;
Heat up the areas and tear them to ruins and ashes.
Arise in your zeal and command the fire;
Awake in your passion and send out the flames
For this is your command from God;
This is your authority from Jehovah.
You know the code and you know the mark;
You know the secret and you know the sign.
Whatever is marked to be burned is to burn;
Whatever is to be on fire is to be on fire
And you have the guide in your spirit;
You have the guidance within you.
Whatever you are moved to burn is to burn;
Whatever your spirit moves you to burn is to burn.
Burn the places which are to burn;
Tear them down by fire which are to tear down.
Arise in your zeal, O you servant of God;
Awake in your passion you messenger of fire;
Heat up the fires and get them to work;
Stoke up the flames and let them burn.
Do it now, yes; let the fire burn now;
Burn the places now, yes, burn them now.
You have been given your assignment
And you have been given your command
And you know the plan for the work;
You have the mode of operation for the assignment.
Burn them day and night;
Burn them anytime according to your zeal.
In the middle of the night burn them;
In the rear of the hours, bring up the fire.
Catch them by surprise and terrify them;
Fill them with the fear they deserve.
Give them no expectation of your action;
Make them sure of nothing
Yet give them expectation of your action;
Make them expect what you will do.
Tell them what you will do;
Announce to them what you plan to do
And when you tell them, do it;
Do whatever you tell them you will do.
Go on, call your army;
Call all your members in their numbers.
Give the order to each to do his work;
Command each of them to carry out his mission
For this is what God Most High has commanded;
This is what Jehovah has authorized.
“Burn the places; the time is now;
Set fire to the places; do it now!”
Arise O you servant of God;
Awake O you messenger of fire.
Do your work; fill the places with fire;
Carry out your mission; set fire into the places.
O, God, save your people from fire;
Save Your children from fire outbreak.
Amen! Amen!
See screenshot below
Angel Bishop Obinim's Temple will burn
Angel Bishop Obinim’s Temple will burn
This vision and word of God came to me Nation Kyei Long-Freeman a servant of God Most High and a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ while I was living at Oyoko in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
I wrote this vision and word of God on Tuesday, 19 May, 2020 starting about 06 : 44 AM. I was asleep when saw the vision. It was about 06 : 09 AM when I woke up from the vision.
Jesus Christ is God. His Holy Spirit is my teacher.

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