Angel attacks and shames Lwasa in sensational TikTok video days after he withdraws car he had gifted her

Showy tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel and his ex-bedmate, Angel Kwakunda are teaching each other lessons after a highly publicized and nasty breakup.

Following the breakup, Angel replaced Lwasa with another skillful Muzzinyi and this was confirmed after a video of the pair kissing at a city night spot, found its way onto the internet. 

Heartbroken by Angel’s action, he fled the country to soothe his heart, only to return a week later with a plan to hit back. First things first, he made a few interviews with local channels, in which he verbally attacked his ex, leaving her for dead.


“For the one year I stayed with Angel, I realized she was a snoozing donkey and clueless to whatever I exposed her to, which was impossible for me to elevate her. All the riches and the lavish treats were new to her,” the showy tycoon lashed out.

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The business mogul, who is believed to be in his late 40s, went ahead and instructed his trusted men to impound the car, Mark X, he gifted Angel during their flashy introduction ceremony in 2021, when the love was still smoldering.

While speaking in an interview with a local blogger, Lwasa said women are many and he will get another and gift the car to her.

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Angered by his action, the frustrated Angel has come out to shame Lwasa through a TikTok video.

In the 35-sec video, Angel revealed that the tycoon was so stingy that he could even demand change of Shs50,000.

According to her, Lwasa could not handle her class, revealing that there are men who are willing to offer her more without demanding much in return.

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Watch the video below;



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