Video: I Charge Guys Only 1,000 GHC for every one round of s3x – Ama Richest

Ama Richest reveals how much she makes a day from virtual s3x [Video]

A slay queen named Ama Richest has disclosed how she makes 1,000 cedis daily from snap chat sex.

According to her, the least money she makes in a day is 500 cedis.

Speaking on how she has sex with men virtually, she said: “I do five minutes video, where I moan, or sometimes, show my breast, and through snap chat, send them to my clients, in exchange for money.’’

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She noted that if a client wants her to go nude, it comes with extra charges.

Explaining that on SVTV Africa, she said: “That one comes with a different price; one which is higher than the aforementioned, so if a client wants that, I will do it for him.’’

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She also noted that she receives her pay from clients – Ghanaians and foreign nationals via mobile money, world remit or PayPal.

She noted that she’s not a hookup girl; one who sleeps with men in their homes or hotels for money.

She claims to have dated over 30 boyfriends, but currently, has one, whom she has been with for more than a year; her longest relationship ever.

She wants to be an actress and the Chief Executive Officer of her own production; the reason she has resigned from online sex job.

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