Ama Broni Abandoned Her Twins In Her Room On 23rd December 2020 And Came To Accra To hustle (Video)

The mother of the dead young slay queen, Ama Broni has narrated how she decided to run away from home one day with a friend to Accra with her knowledge and blessing.

According to her, Ama Broni was living in Akwatia with her even though they lived in separate houses.

She disclosed that all along, Ama Broni had a friend who lived in Accra but occasionally came to Akwatia to see her family.

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On various occasions when this friend of Ama called Aso came around, she suggested that she would take Ama Broni to Accra so they work and make some money.

Ama’s mother said that she was never in support of this plan because her (Ama Broni’s) stepfather, who happens to be her husband had given her money to start some business and make all the money she wanted.

However, to her utmost shock, Ama Broni on the 23rd day of December 2020, eloped with this same friend to Accra after Ama intentionally came to leave her twins in her room the night before.

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Watch the video below for the full heartbreaking story.


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