All You Need To Know About Muzzinyi Joel Ssenyonyi’s 24 years Old ‘Maaso Glory’, Febress Nagawa

People Power mouthpiece and now certified Muzzinyi Ssenyonyi shocked the nation when he tied knots with his little known ‘Maaso Glory’, Febress Nagawa in a low-key wedding ceremony.

The power couple after legalizing the bonk
The power couple after legalizing the bonk

Joel had publicly declared himself virgin who had never chewed any sumbie and indeed the world believed since he had never in his life paraded any woman.

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Until then, a section of Bobi Wine’s People Power disciples thought that perhaps their treasured man was ‘knocked by the sheep’.

The Ssenyonyis eating life-honeymoon
The Ssenyonyis eating life-honeymoon Muzzinyi Joel Ssenyonyi 

But according to reliable sources, Joel and Febress have been bonking tubeless since their campus days but the the former NTV news anchor opted to eat things in silence till he legalized the relationship.

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Apart from being a bedroom bully, another thing that truly impressed Joel about Febress Nagawa Ssenyonyi, a Muganda of Enkima Clan is her strong love for People Power Movement.This was just an icing on the cake and Joel had to reward her with a golden ring!

Febress is a People Power fanatic
Febress is a People Power fanatic || Muzzinyi Joel Ssenyonyi 

Apparently, Febress, 24 years old is a certified accountant working with the Insurance Brokerage firm Padre-pio.

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For now, our ears are still on ground and just in case of anything, we shall surely keep you posted!

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