All that Body and Still No Man? – Salma Mumin Begs for A Date for Valentine

Actress Salma Mumin is looking for a man this upcoming Valentine to chill and spoil her.

Despite carrying a Turkish body, Salma seems unable to lock down a man per her own admission.

According to her, men are turning her down at a record rate with an explanation that they do not celebrate Valentine’s.

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The feast of St Valentine that we call Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

On February 14th, all the lovers around will find a way to celebrate each other in nauseating fashion.

Flowers and chocolates would come in style for that one day of sanctioned fornication.

Salma Mumin just wants a little of that love and attention from a man but it’s just not happening.

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According to her, she hopes to find a man before February 14th but so far it’s not looking good.

She wrote on Instagram: “Dear February, be nice enough to me to get a valentine partner. I’m tired of hearing ‘I don’t celebrate Valentine,”‘



If Salma and her artificially improved Turkish body is struggling to find a man then what is hope is there for some of us the common floor members?

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