AIDS was brought to Africa through WHO smallpox vaccines: Ex US intelligence officer Leaks Secret: Watch

AIDS was brought to Africa through WHO smallpox vaccines Ex US intelligence officer reveals || Dr John Coleman, a former United States intelligence officer has made a bold claim that the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) first appeared in Africa and Brazil through the World Health Organisation’s smallpox vaccinations.

He claims that the virus started when the World Health Organisation started vaccinating people in Africa and Brazil adding that it was not a coincidence.

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Coleman dismissed as a lie the view championed by the United Nations agency that the human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) emanated from animals – apes.


He discouraged the black community from trusting the United States government saying it views them as dispensable.

His remarks come at the backdrop of various theories about the coronavirus vaccine with some urging Africans not to participate in clinical trials saying it was designed to wipe out the black population.

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Those who champion the theory say the vaccine should be tested in the most affected countries including the United States and Europe, then lastly, Africa the least affected.

Vaccine trials are already underway in various countries across the world including South Africa and Zimbabwe is a participant.

Watch the video below for more;

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