After the sεxtåpε : Tycoon Emmanuel vows to bonk city slay queens till God calls him . This man no dey fear!!!

Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has bragged about being a playboy, saying nothing can stop him from dating as many women as he wishes a reason he will bonk city slay queens till death.

According to Lwasa, he is rich to take care of any city slay queen he would like to be with which is what most women find appealing while dating rich men like him.

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Over the weekend, the tycoon was spotted at an event with another woman only identified as Sanyu.

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During an interview with local television, Lwasa was asked when he is planning to stop sleeping around with city slay queens and he responded, “I will be with any woman that I want because women love money and I have the money. If a woman gets tired of me, let her leave and I get another one. If I still have money, nothing will stop me from changing them. I will enjoy it until I die”

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It should be noted that the tycoon is alleged to have dated a number of popular women like Desire Luzinda, Diana Nabatanzi, Juliana Kanyomozi, Zahara Toto, and most recently, Angel that was netted red handed cheating on him.


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