AfroCharts; a fast-growing African Music Streaming platform

WISCONSIN, USA – There is no doubt that African music is loved locally and internationally. However, there is not a single platform that allows people who love Africans music to stream, download and share music from each African country and abroad in One Place while allowing African artists to grow their music career, reach the right listeners and make a profit for their music.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, AfroCharts is a free global music platform created to connect music lovers with the colorful sounds of African music by allowing them to stream, download and share high-quality African music (both old and new) through the AfroCharts website or mobile app for Android and IOS devices.

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AfroCharts is devoted to creating a space where users can enjoy the vibrant sound of Africa at their fingertips; anytime and anywhere they are.

AfroCharts was created with independent artists in mind. Artists can upload their content on the platform 100% free, while ensuring that they get paid for their hard work through its monetization program.

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Its Analytics tool allows content owners (Artists, labels, music group managers) to access their accounts to understand how their content is performing through clear stats and fan interaction notifications.

As for listeners, AfroCharts understands the overwhelming cost of data especially in most African countries. This is why the platform offers an offline listening feature which allows listeners to download songs, albums and playlists to be played without using Wi-Fi or data.

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Visit www.afrocharts.com to start enjoying your favorite African songs or upload your songs free and start earning money for your music.

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