Abena Korkor Admits Publicly She Smokes Weed – Just Like Afia Schwar Did

Abena Korkor has publicly admitted that she smokes weed, a day after Kwame A Plus blew her cover in regards to abusing the ‘international herb’.

Korkor took to her Instagram page this morning to admit that she uses weed occasionally and it’s actually helping her, if you can believe that.

Korkor and A Plus have started a battle for the ages in recent days.

The mental health advocate appears to be suffering another episode and once again started a needless controversy.

Over the weekend, she once again took to her page to call out names and some new names were included such Kwame A Plus.

Korkor hasn’t touched on the political activist before but her ‘sickness’ decided it was time to introduce a new character into her never-ending soap opera and unfortunately for her, she chose someone just as outspoken as herself.

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A Plus fired back at Korkor in a video during which he minced no words in slapping her around.

According to him, Korkor is just a weed addict who often misbehaves online and hides behind a so-called bipolar disease.

A Plus threatened to slap the ‘madness’ out of her if she keeps up her actions.

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Korkor has responded and instead of denying A Plus’ claims, she admitted she does take weed.

According to her, whether she’s mad or not she’s still speaking the truth and she smokes weed to help her – in what way she didn’t specify.

“Whether I live with bipolar or not, the truth is only one. And yes I smoke weed sometimes and so what. I used to have manic episodes before I ever tried it. If not anything it has stabilized me more. Empty barrel rolling and making the most noise,” she clapped back.

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Her admission mirrors a similar one by Afia Schwarzenegger, who in a fight with Ayisha Modi admitted she spends over Ghc 5,000 a week buying weed.

It seems you just have to study the behaviour of certain ‘celebrities’ and if they mirror Schwar or Korkor, you can tell if they’re weed smokers or not.

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