A merciless HR abandons a married woman who was fired despite chewing her ‘goodies’ – His wife is set to replace her.

A married woman is crying foul after she was fired even after sleeping with the Human Resource Manager (HR) to safeguard her job.

She reported to work as usual, only to be informed that she had been fired.

When she contacted the HR and demanded to know why she lost her job, he told her that the company’s manager is the one who fired her.

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She begged the HR to use his position in the company to defend her but he refused.

When she questioned why he can’t defend her yet she slept with him to safeguard her job in the company, he rudely told her to stop disturbing him and focus on her marriage.

The HR’s wife is set to replace her after she was fired.

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See the leaked conversation between the two.



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