A member of Jalango’s boys club, who was divorced by his wife, caught cheating on his current girlfriend with another woman (Evidence).

Sam Elly, a member of Jalango’s boys club, was pictured cheating on his current girlfriend with another woman over the weekend.

Sam Elly was divorced by his wife last year after Edgar Obare exposed how they were chewing slay queens in rented apartments.

After his wife left, he moved in with a lady identified as Florence.

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Interestingly, Sam Elly is still cheating on his current girlfriend.

Over the weekend, he was captured in an event swapping saliva with an unidentified woman.

See photos below.

Here are photos of Florence, the lady Sam Elly moved in with after his wife left him but he is still cheating on her.


Leave such women to politicians & Yahoo guys, if you dare date them, your journey to the village starts (Photos)


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