A List Of Hot And Ripe Babes Kenzo Is Set To Leave Heartbroken After Promising To Unveil New Lover

A List Of Hot And Ripe Babes Kenzo Is Set To Leave Heartbroken After Promising To Unveil New Lover

– Singer Eddy Kenzo’s monster reptile was officially set free by ex-girlfriend, Rema Namakula last year when she dumped him for a Zzinacologist, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya.

Following the break up, Kenzo recently revealed how he is set to unveil new succulent lover this year.

The Big Talent Boss further fussed how he would this time round legalize the bonking sessions. His declaration has since left most his fans, family and ex-bonk-mates sweating plasma and cursing! They obviously still want to serve him with sweet beans but…

Well, we unleash a list of babes Kenzo is set to leave heartbroken! It includes those who have been over the years linked to him!

Pia Pounds;

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Pia Pounds is reported to have been  Kenzo’s secret lover for a long time. She existed even before Rema. When Rema took over, Kenzo got into a complex situation and decided to sign her under his music label.

He apparently started enjoying her sumbie in peace while bankrolling her music career.

Ritah Kaggwa;


She is applauded by many for giving Ugandan celebrities free accommodation while in UK. However it was reported that it is actually not free as it seems. Sources say, that she loves cassava and therefore, they pay using their pleasure muscles. Kenzo is among the many artistes that have spent nights at Ritah Kaggwa’s house. Even though she is now married to a Nigerian Oga, Kenzo still holds a special place in her heart that’s why she always attacks him on Facebook.

Don Zella;

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It is reported that Big Eye met ex lover Don Zella through Kenzo about 10 years ago. When Big Eye started dating Don Zella, Kenzo completely went out of the picture but she could not stop cornering him while on trips abroad. Recently, Zella named her kid Musuuza, something very fishy!

Nahia Sania;

She is one of the latest victims of Kenzo’s play boy tactics. She was a student at Makerere University and over a year ago, sources exposed her as Kenzo’s woman. It was reported that he often visited her at hostel. Her hopes of rearing Kenzo’s reptile alone crumbled.

Lydia Jazmine;

She spends more time with Kenzo more than any other woman. It’s said that Rema once warned her to stay away from Kenzo. The two often had a good time at Big Talent studios in Makindye and Kenzo’s rented apartment in Munyonyo. But now chances of seeing Kenzo frequently hang by a thread because his new babe will obviously tight mark him.

Samira Tumi;

Samira Tumi was Weasel Manizo’s fiancee for a long time but in mid 2018, a war erupted between Kenzo and Weasel. It is believed that Weasel was not happy that Kenzo was enjoying  his woman’s sumbie. But now she is bound to lose two superstars since both of them seem to have settled.


Etania is one of the most famous party animals in Kampala. She is commonly known among her friends as “Life of the party.” It is believed that Kenzo enjoyed Etania’s sumbie in July during Miss Uganda 2019  grand finale night at Kampala Sheraton Hotel. Snoops spotted the two in the hotel lobby at about 2:00am. But seems she was only good for being a snack! Kenzo is eyeing another prey.

Bahati Pascaline;

Sexy Bahati and Kenzo met in Jinja. It is reported that Kenzo got her a job at BBS TV to bring her closer to him.

A List Of Hot And Ripe Babes Kenzo Is Set To Leave Heartbroken- SOURCE: ThatCelebrity.com

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