“A Fool’s School fees” – How Ken Agyapong wanted to register his Bentley after his wayward daughter

Ken Agyapong wanted to register his Bentley || Controversial Member of Parliament(MP) for Assin Central Kennedy Agyapong has revealed that he had to use money set aside to pay his daughter’s school fees to buy a car, a Bentley, which he had planned to register with the inscription “a fool’s school fees” but abandoned the idea after his wife’s persuasion.

Kennedy Agyapong, a wealthy, outspoken and shrewd businessman, revealed that he  used the money to buy the Bentley after his daughter, a drug addict, dropped out of a university in the United States of America to the utter disgust of the family.

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Making the revelation on Oman FM monitored by Thatcelebrity.com, Mr Agyapong said:” I was supposed to have paid $168,000 for the remaining two years in architecture school but with her decision to drop out of the school, I added some money to the money I had set aside to pay her fees and bought a Bentley with it…” adding that, “I wanted to register the car with the inscription a fool’s school fees but my wife said I should not do that because the car is an expensive one.”

He added that while on a plane travelling to China,  he received a call from this daughter that his daughter  had dropped out of the school when he had already paid three years of her fees at the Institute.

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“What hurts me about this whole thing is that during that semester, I had already paid $42,000 within three weeks into the semester, she said she won’t continue the schooling. When her Chinese roommate went to check on her, she told me my daughter had sniffed several hounds of cocaine. She’s with the whites who sleep with her because of her addiction.”

The NPP firebrand said recently his daughter was on social media soliciting for funds to further her education and he was happy she is currently suffering for the choices she made in the past and he is not ready to help her in any way.

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Ken Agyapong wanted to register his Bentley

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