9 Facts About Men Women Will Never Understand In Life

Facts About Men Women Will Never Understand In Life || Are  women and men equal? If we are not, is it due to our education or are the biological causes determining?

Are we destined not to understand each other or do we really complement each other in a way that we could not live without the other sex?

These questions, which seem to exist since the world was world, probably take on more prominence in societies in which the equality of rights (and the exchange of roles) is greater.

If you are part of a heterosexual couple, the conflict between genders becomes especially evident. When romantic love, pride, jealousy and daily coexistence are mixed, it is easy to confuse what happens to our partner with the identity of all individuals of their sex.

Does your girlfriend get mad when you go out with your friends? It will be that “women are possessive”. Does your boyfriend prefer a video game to a dinner next?

It will be that “men are immature”. Even if our sensibilities and capabilities were indeed shown to be identical one day, we would probably still be looking for generalizations.


If we ask if you are angry it is not to bother, but because we really do not know

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What is clear is that there are complaints about the other sex that are more common than others. In their case, a recent thread reveals a few that will make you smile, outrage, surprise or alleviate you. The thread has been started by a woman eager for guidance. Here are some interesting answers:

Drop that shirt right now

“That shirt that we had fifteen years ago, we really want to keep.” Although they take less time to dress, they do give importance to their usual clothes.

Never throw garments in the trash without warning. More than anything because, even if they take time, they will realize it.

Morning erection

“We don’t have as much control over our penis. I’m not sexually attracted to being in a traffic jam, but my member can make you believe otherwise.” Let’s stop being flattered by those morning erections unrelated to our supposed attractiveness before styling. Another user replies, “I’m going off. So it’s not just my penis. That kid loves traffic.”

Are you angry

“If we ask if you are angry it is not to bother, but because we really do not know. If we knew what it is we would say: ‘are you still angry about that, do you want us to talk about it?’ . If you are wrong but you don’t want to talk about it, We’ll take it. You can say ‘I don’t feel like talking, bring me an ice cream,’ and we’ll stop bothering you. If you want to talk at some point, saying it clearly would be tremendous help. “



“Men don’t compliment each other unless it’s sincere. So when a girl flatters us, we take it very seriously. It means a lot.” You know, friends, don’t hand out ego like candy: the poor believe it.

If it is not broke, do not fix it

“Don’t be afraid to be too direct with us. For most, a clear rejection is better than detours and puns that leave us doubting your intentions. Not responding to a guy because you don’t want to hurt his feelings hurts him even more. “


“I can’t pause a multiplayer video game.” The user, visibly irritated, writes it in capital letters. How many couples will have broken this dramatic question? Can’t they see that the other players will also have girlfriends to attend to? Either we sacrifice all or none!

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“Sometimes we just want to be calm, sitting quietly.” They too, of course, the difference that can lead to misunderstandings is that, for them, isolating does not have to mean that they are angry. It’s just that they want to be alone.

Could it be that when women want to be alone they are more empathetic and abandon that purpose if they perceive that they are needed? Could it be that the previous sentence carries questions only to disguise the personal opinion of the author of this article? We will never know.


“Stigma when relating to boys, and especially to girls.” Men are afraid of approaching children, taking pictures of them or having too much physical contact with them, because they are very aware of the possibility that it may be misinterpreted as abuse.

Maybe when we understand each other, life will be less interesting.


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