7 Places To Meet A Good Woman

Places To Meet A Good Woman || Looking for Mrs Right or simply a good woman can seem like a stretch. These days with filters and faux anything you can’t tell the difference between what is real and what’s not. You are looking for alternative options outside a club or online dating to meet the ‘One’, where do you go? Here are 7 places to meet a good woman:

 Places To Meet A Good Woman

1. Grocery store/supermarket

A responsible woman will pass through to pick up a few groceries. It might be a few ingredients for supper or a bottle of wine for a girls night in, either way she’s shopping. You might bump into her accidentally with your trolley or maybe be in the same queue to the till. Whatever situation you meet her in, try to start up a conversation with that polite, pretty lady. Oh, also check her left finger for any band to avoid awkwardness.

2. Study class

You are furthering your education by taking a class or two? So might she. Nowadays people take opportunities to further their education or supplement their qualifications. A lot of young women have career aspirations hence they take courses. That good woman just might be in your study group or you take the same route home after class. Take the opportunity to get to know your female classmates. And who doesn’t like a smart and ambitious woman.

3. Fitness class or gym

You are already taking good care of your body by having your fitness sessions. There’s always a lady who’s trying to get her fitness on track. Try not to be creepy but you can share fitness tips with her and once in a while help her with those heavy weights.

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4. Through friends

If you have a good circle of friends, then they will know the right woman for you. Well, a woman who might meet your interests. When a friend is hosting a get together or you are going to an event ask them to introduce you to their female friends. Your friends will give you the heads up on the good and single friends of theirs.

5. Internet or WiFi Spot

The internet has become a basic need in most people’s live it is almost impossible not to meet someone. There are places or hotspots where you get your internet and probably there’s that one woman that you keep meeting at that place. She is likely surfing the internet for research or jobs or she could be a blogger. If you like that regular try chatting her up and slow internet is a great icebreaker for conversation.

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6. Comedy show

If you can make a woman laugh then you can win her heart. Okay so you might not be a funny guy but you can meet that good woman at a comedy show. A sense of humour is a great attribute in a guy. If you join in the laughter you just might meet a woman who would love to laugh with you.

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7. Festivals

Festivals are great spaces for people who like to go out but don’t want the club vibe. It could be an artsy creative space or food or anything in between. She will be in her laidback element-letting her hair down and having fun. A festival is a great place for you to meet a good woman who enjoys good, clean fun.



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