7 Amazing ways to get a Flat Stomach

Ways to get a Flat Stomach || What about an easy way to get a flat stomach, without overworking and struggling with a diet? Anything workable you can hack in between busy classes, tight work schedules, family and personal things. This really is the list.

1.The lemon tea.

Instead of becoming addicted to the tea leaves, you should take the lemon, sweetened with honey for breakfast. On your way home, buy some fresh lemons, wash them, cut and squeeze the juice into a bowl , add some hot water and sweeten it with honey. Pectin acid in the lemon slows down the sugar absorption by the fats. You should also try the Veetox of  Vera Sidika:

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2.The Work Outs

You don’t have to hit the gym. Start with a quick exercise routine that targets your bell area. 40 Plunges a day will help relax your abdominal muscles and burn off your calories. Skipping 50 rounds twice a day will help you remove the extra fat around your belly.

3. Do Kienyeji

Likes of Muthokoi, Saka, Managu, Terere, mukimo can benefit you a lot. These have a low concentration of fats and carbohydrates that can not be converted directly to fats. Too many fries, samosas and burgers can deposit fats around your stomach. Do mursik and traditional foods.

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4.Put the spices down.

Tomato sauce,  royco mixture, magggie, aromat with a high concentration of sodium This food has a harmful effect on your health and is commonly associated with cancer. Too much sodium contributes to high blood pressure, which can lead to too much eating.

5. Water on a 24/7 basis

Bring a bottle of water with you forever and ever. Water nourishes your blood cells, retains equilibrium in the body, and aids in the absorption of minerals in the body. It slows down the absorption of digested food, preventing it from being fat.

6. Don’t say no to junk

The bottle of soda that you giggle down your mouth every now and then, bisquits, sweets, cakes, will not do you any good. The concentration of sugar in these products is a little too much. The fructose in them is directly converted into fat by the body.

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7.Fruits of life

Watermelons are the best when it comes to flat tummies. If you’re not a big fan, you can do puddings or mix bananas, oranges, mangoes, avocados and drinks that you sometimes lose your belly fat quicker than you ever think.

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