Shocking revelation of how a Guy was gang raped by her girlfriends at Ideal Hostel

In a story run by Campus Cam, the leading University tabloid in Uganda, we have come across some disturbing revelations from a male student at Makerere University Business School only identified as Danny who claims that he was raped by a group of girls at the Nakawa-based Ideal hostel.


The young man revealed via his Twitter handle (@danny100000_) that his life has never been the same and the incident has greatly affected his state of mind.

Shocking revelation of how a Guy was gang raped by her girlfriends at Ideal Hostel
Shocking revelation of how a Guy was gang raped by her girlfriends at Ideal Hostel

Danny says he had gone out for some drinks at a nightspot on a fateful day. While there he drunk so much that he got very wasted.

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The fun stretched late into the night. As he planned to head home, one of the girls offered to host him for the night at her place, something he originally declined but was drawn in when she mentioned that she had some weed. Furthermore, his friend said she would talk to the security guard so that he would be exempted from any fine for spending the night at the Ideal hostel, something not permitted under the rules.

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He agreed to spend the night at her place, with no intention of getting cozy with her.

Upon waking up to pee in the middle of the night, he was surprised to find a group of girls smoking in the bathroom. They offered him some weed which he took. Thereafter, he became unconscious and woke up in the morning naked, and with his groin swollen, likely due to friction.

Danny states that he has been tormented since then and he has failed to come to terms with the events from the night. He says he is shy to speak about it, given that one of the girls said no one is likely to believe him given he uses drugs. Danny further mentioned that he didn’t speak out because he was afraid the girls would turn against him and accuse him of rape instead.

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The online community has come out to offer support under the hashtag #IstandwithBoBo

We shall keep you informed about further developments from this story.


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