6 Ways to spot a male gold digger

6 Ways to spot a male gold digger, the ability to spot a male digger is a very important tool that everyone needs to have. While most people assume that male gold diggers only target-rich or older women, you would be surprised at how cleverly they play this game.

Gold digging has always been a popular practice done by slay queens. Recently, men have joined the practice and unlike slay queens who have a deeper ocean of rich men to fish from, male gold diggers have limited reserves and end up milking ordinary women who are just striving to make ends meet.

Spotting a male gold digger may be difficult at first as they use completely different tactics than women. Women gold-diggers make it easy to spot through their appearance and high demand for the good life. However, men have proven to be more cunning over the years.

Here is how to spot male gold digger:


  1. Comfortable with being supported financially

While it is not a natural trait for men to reap where they did not sow, gold-digging men make it easy to spot them through this unnatural phenomenon. The natural instincts of men are to provide for a woman or at least show that they are capable of taking care of their basic needs. Male gold diggers first start off by allowing a woman to pay for a date or splitting the bill half-half. When that happens, then you must continue monitoring him and you will notice that he will expect you to fork out sums of money each time you are together.

  1. Always borrows and never pays back
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It is easy to give a partner money when they seem stuck or stressed with a financial issue. The most common money stressing activity used by male gold diggers is by telling you that their rent is due while the money they are expecting hasn’t been cleared yet. Notice that once you bail them out and pay their rentals, they will just thank you and act as they love you even more. But they will not pay you back!

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  1. High standards

Check the history of the guy. You are not his first project. Earning more than your man is fine, the problem arises when the man has no ambition and just looking for someone to take care of him and to cater to his needs. Male gold diggers always present a characteristic of having a taste for the good things in life and always compliment the good things you have for example nice watch, nice car, nice haircut, etc. Also check out the type of friends he hangs around with, because you may not notice the gold-digging nature of your man, but you will surely notice it in his friends.


  1. Depends on you

It is easy to confuse being loved and being depended upon. Male gold diggers make you feel as though you are the only important thing in their life. They make you feel as though they cannot live life without you and that you are their last chance. Watch out because they may just be using you for their meal ticket.

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  1. You can feel that something is not right

Women are blessed with a sixth sense but tend to ignore it. That little voice that tells you that there is something wrong with the relationship must not be ignored. Do not be overshadowed by love, but always notice the little hidden clues that your man presents.


  1. Gives you attention towards payday

For male gold diggers, their love graph towards you increases whenever they know you are receiving your income. They give you excess attention so that you feel obliged to spoil them and once the money runs out, their love also diminishes.


Be sure to always keep your eyes open and safeguard your heart, money, and assets against male gold diggers. They are there just to waste your time!


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