6 fun facts about se.x that will change your life

Facts about sex that will change your life || Sex as a subject of discussion used to be reserved for biology classes and closed-door conversations. Data was difficult to get through and appeared to be subjective with very little study to distinguish reality from fiction. Books were restricted or banned, and discussions on the subject were hush-hush.

Okay , thank goodness things have changed. Today, there’s a lot of data and a lot of research to back up sex statements and evidence.

We’ve collected six of the most amazing and strangest Facts about sex that will change your life.

1. Sex works just as well as aspirin pills for headaches.

Yeah, there’s an reason for pain! Just don’t stress it yet. The studies were based on the results of female orgasms and not on penetrative sex. And, in principle, masturbation can also help with headache, which means that you might “cure yourself.”

The team of neurologists found that sexual activity would contribute to a “partial or full relief” of headache in certain migraines or headaches. The study from the University of Munster, Germany, indicates that making love can be more effective than taking painkillers instead of using a sore head as an excuse to avoid sex.

2. An apple a day, man. You will boost your orgasms

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A group of scientists carried out a study using a sample of healthy young, sexually active Italian women without documented sexual disorders. The research was to see if there is a correlation between the daily intake of apples and sexual function.

First of all, we will congratulate the 16 researchers for taking the time to refute this theory and the 733 participants for engaging in this study.

The study found that women who eat more than one apple a day (no apple juice, you don’t drink calories) had increased natural lubrication and more intense orgasms. The results are indisputable, at least in Italy. Time to buy the stock from Granny Smith.

3. Ovulation of women is more attractive

We ‘re going to get to the weird part, so bear with us. Psychologists at the University of Texas have observed women at various points of their menstrual cycle. They find that women look and feel more desirable when they are the most pregnant.

But it’s not because women naturally have a beautiful glow during this period, but because ovulating women have made more effort to look attractive.

Women reveal more skin, pay more attention to makeup, and wear tighter clothes during ovulation. This is biology at work. If you’ve ever used a hormone monitoring device, you’ll find some pretty spot-on predictions about your physical appearance during ovulation. So it’s not surprising that men find women more attractive at this stage, it’s natural for women, men just can’t help themselves.


4. Cold feet reduces your ability to orgasm

Nope, not the proverbial cold legs of the Runaway Bride, the ice block legs we’ve all experienced in SA this winter.

In a UK study of fake orgasms, researchers have made an fascinating discovery-when they gave couples socks to wear, about 80 per cent of couples were able to achieve orgasm compared to 50 per cent previously in this staged setting.

The reasoning behind this is that warm legs make women feel safe (no pun intended) in bed. As the woman felt more secure orgasms, they came quicker and stronger. Socks aren’t exactly a change, though, so if you insist on wearing them, I ‘m going to make some effort to select the leg warmers.

5. Men with more belly fat last longer than fitter men

Okay, we guess we all have mixed feelings about this one. So, if you’re a guy reading this shouting, “Yeah, I knew it,” then relax, flab ain’t awesome, and it doesn’t do much for your sex appeal to get that doughnut down.

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The study we ‘re talking about was on the inverse relationship between lifelong premature ejaculation and obesity. Researchers speculated that because men have higher levels of female sex hormone estradiol, which can prevent male orgasms, it lasted longer in bed.

Often, being overweight lowers the serotonin a.k.a. happy hormone levels, which may also be the explanation for delay in orgasms. Yet this isn’t all good news. Overweight males and females are 25% more likely to have mood disorders , such as depression, than the rest of the population. So when it comes to satisfaction or staying longer in bed, do the crunches and practice to keep your head calm in bed.

6. Sex can improve your memory

Women only, Einstein! One study found that intercourse (sorry no help here) could boost a woman’s memory and verbal recognition! When you’ve got a test coming up, you’ve got an excuse to call your “research” mate. Well, you ‘re welcome.




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