Sex with Mahama earned me a very big job -Vicky Hamah goes berserk on Facebook

A former Deputy Minister of Communications under the erstwhile government of former President John Mahama, Victoria Lakshmi Hamah, has angrily and sarcastically reacted to claims that she had had sex with John Mahama to earn her appointment as a Deputy Minister, saying that even if it happened, it earned her a very big job.

Ms Hamah attracted the unwarranted accusation of having had sex with John Mahama when she posted that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) was unhappy about the corona virus pandemic and was waiting for it to end so that the NDC could win back power.

To this, a Facebook user, Pageege Isaac, reacted with disparagingly, wondering whether the Ms Hamah wanted the NDC to win power so she could continue to have sex with John Mahama for a ministerial appointment.

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His accusation stung Ms Hamah badly who then wrote that her sex with former President Mahama was profitable; it earned her an appointment.

Ms Hamah was dismissed as Ghana’s Deputy Communications Minister in 2013 after a secret recording of her saying that she would stay in politics until she had earned  $1m (£600,000 at the time) leaked.

Some opposition politicians had accused her of having secured the appointment after having offered sexual favours to the President at the time, John Mahama.

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Did Mahama appoint me because of my big BUTTOCKS-Victoria Hamah asks

In June the failed Parliamentary Candidate aspirant questioned her critics if her buttocks was the main reason for her appointment by then President John Dramani Mahama as a Deputy Communications Minister.

“Yes I have big behind I love it… it is natural. I didn’t go to buy it. If people want to buy it that is their choice. Was Mahama appointing big buttocks? We must get serious”, she said angrily on Metro TV Good Evening Ghana.

The former appointee who feels betrayed and objectified by the media wondered why they were not talking about her competence as a former student leader but discriminated against her primarily because she was a woman.

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According to her, the media target women and that is very shameful and unethical revealing how her history and contributions to politics in Ghana eroded while her big buttocks took centre stage of media discussions at the time.

“Every woman faces discrimination in politics but I think I faced multiple discrimination for other reasons. Probably because I was younger or maybe I was just attractive and people think you cannot be in a political power space”, she observed.

Full thread of spat between Ms Hamah and Pageege below:

Pageege Isaac
Pageege Isaac

Pageege Isaac
Pageege Isaac


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