5 Wrong questions to ask on your first date

Questions are really important in a relationship as they can be used to initiate intimacy between partners, but they can sometimes act as a turn off when not properly used.

Research has shown that most guys ruin their relationship chances with ladies with the kind of questions they choose to ask, most especially on their first date. Regarding this article, we shall be considering 5 questions you shouldn’t ask a lady on your first date with her.

Check them out below…

1. How is your sexual life or drive like?

Asking a lady about her s#xual life is one question that is totally wrong on a first date. This sort of question might make her feel your interest in her is solely to satisfy your s#xual desire and nothing more, and I’m sure this is not the type of impression you would want to create on your first date.

2. Would you follow me home and spend the night with me?

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Telling or asking a lady you aren’t very familiar with to spend the night in your house is totally irresponsible. Making such a proposal might instigate the feeling that you perceive her to be cheap, or you simply want to take advantage of her.

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3. What do your parents do for a living?

This sort of question might not be wrong, but asking it on a first date, most especially to a lady you barely know is considered an act of immaturity. Asking this kind of question might make her feel insecure around you, and might make her think you want to take advantage of her personality or family background.

4. What do you like about me?

Asking a lady what she likes about you isn’t completely wrong, but it shouldn’t be asked on a first date. Remember, she barely knows you; and even if she does, it’s still irrational to ask such a question. Doing this might make you appear desperate and childish.

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5. How old are you?

Research has shown that quite a lot of ladies; most especially Africans highly resent the idea of being asked about their age. Even if you desire to know the age of the lady you intend to date or marry, it is still important you don’t ask her until you are both familiar with each other.


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