5 ways to instantly bring back the spark in your relationship

Ways to instantly bring back the spark in your relationship ||

The hottest tool for flirting is just you cellphone. Send you patner dirty, sensual messages and flirt all day until you finally get to be together. There is nothing more seductive than a sweet text from your lover.

Dress up
Most people do away with dressing up in nice clothes once they get hitched. Do dress up and wear things that initially attracted your partner to you. For women, invest in good make up and have you hair done. This gives you a sexy edge. Never fall into the habit of saving your best clothes for “important occasions”. Wear them at home and look good

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Pay close attention when your partner is talking. Do it like the early days when you clung to every word that your partner said. Put your phone away when the two of you are having a deep conversation. Nothing irks more like someone constantly checking their phone when talking to them

If you want to relive those early days of list for your partner, head to the gym. People who exercise get more sexual gratification than those who don’t.

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Try out new experiences together

These might include sky diving, new sex positions or trying out a new restaurant. All these new ideas revamp your passion and love. Do not settle into an old boring routine.


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